Hatfield and Mccoy

Joann Ellen Sisco

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Mountain feuds are interesting creatures, created mainly when someone was wronged (or maybe just bored). A border dispute, a straying animal or family member was enough to start it, and then it took on a life of its own. It was passed down to the next generation, along with grandmas big iron skillet when no longer needed. Feuds often lived decades after the original cause was forgotten, and were often contagious among extended family members. It would seem the only way to totally avoid the fall-out was to move far away. But what if the other family had the same idea? And what if both families were well practiced in defensive fire power and offense when necessary? What more would it take to fan the embers of a feud into a flame again?

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