Golden Lord

Mary Jo Putney

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Allies of the heart and soul . . .

England, 1803. The oldest foster child of the Earl and Countess Tremayne, Caden Tremayne was one of several abandoned children rescued into the fold of the “Tribe of Tremayne,” each bearing a special gift. Now that he is grown, Cade’s superior investigative abilities and talent for preventing violence—or when necessary, executing it—are urgently required by the Home Office. For after an all-too-brief peace, Britain and France are about to be at war again. But it isn’t the dangerous mission that concerns Cade. It’s his secret love for his sweet, bright, spirited accomplice . . .

Will their love be the victor?

Tamsyn Tremayne has always felt a deep connection to Cade, whose very presence warms her heart. Yet though they are not blood, their family relationship has led her to suppress her love for him. Still, their mental bond is undeniable—and only grows stronger, along with their feelings, when Cade is captured by the French. Tam knows that Cade will not be easily broken, yet only their meeting of minds can truly save him—and hopefully free them to be together at last. But first, she will have to navigate a treacherous maze of enemies and allies to find him, they will have to escape France—and block a devastating plot against Britain . . .



gifted children, war between Britain and France, amnesiac heroine, Bridgerton, French secret agents, female secret agent, orphaned hero, intuition, amnesia, historical romance, romance set in the British countryside, strong heroines, abandoned gifted children, ESP, French invasion of Britain, assassination plot, suppressed love, extrasensory perception, double agents, plot against Britain, romance set in France, nobility, New York Times bestselling author, English romance, familial love, silver lady, foster children, British home office, paranormal romance, abandoned children