Freedom of the Song

A Guide to Transformational Ministry with Next Generation Women

Phyllis Clark Nichols

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Life's true beauty is found when the heart is set free
Caroline Carlyle has finally shed the heavy shackles of grief and rediscovered her heart's song. Between her return to making music and a budding relationship with the charming Roderick Adair, Caroline's life is full of fresh inspiration and new hope.
But just as she begins to experience this freedom, Caroline discovers that one of her piano students is carrying a painful burden of her own. Bella, a prodigious musical savant, and her caretaker, Gretchen, share a dark, hidden past—more dangerous and complex than Caroline ever could have anticipated.
The more Caroline uncovers, the deeper her loyalty to the two women grows. Can Caroline help Bella and Gretchen find the same freeing power of love to break the hold of secrets and oppression?

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