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Get Your Mind Right

Kenneth Wyche

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


Have a lifestyle and not just a moment! The good things about you, earth, and your loved ones, should not be mired in obscurity and ambiguity, because of the ignorance of yourself or someone else. I know what it's like to be led by nebulous people off a proverbial cliff, towards a bad habit, or worse. You can be the you, you actually want to be. You can live uninfluenced by people who could care less if whether or not you have a roof over your head or a pillow to lay it on. Freedom is for you. Every human has a need to become self-actualized. Self-actualization is the realization of your potential and abilities. You may not be where you want to be in life because someone planted a bad seed in your mind and told you that you couldn't achieve your dreams or desires. Desires are eternal. Eternity in this context refers to the divine or cosmic. Your wants don't die you just may have given up on them. And you giving up on your desires isn't necessarily your fault. I want to help you break out of the shame of living in a way that is inauthentic.

Live well but more than that, live period. When you are empowered to generate health and purpose that is what will materialize in your life. Allow yourself to be empowered. Think better, do better, believe better, be better. Some of the nouns in your life are literally either demons or the devil himself. Nefarious forces don't want you to have a revelation. They want you to be a loser like them. That's why certain nouns knock you down or undermine you whenever you [try to] accomplish something great with yourself; they don't want to see you win. They don't want you to win because they know you have a chance at winning at something and that type of winning will never happen for them in a validating way. The good in you and in your life is more bountiful than the bad. The bad is just made more prominent. Get your mind right. You only receive what you believe you are worthy of receiving. Believe you are worthy of receiving joy, happiness, promotions, support, love, care, meaning, and purpose. Get and stay around positivity and affirm the good in your life. Go against the things that don't want you to live. Have and propagate a meaningful life for yourself.

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