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Gay with God

Reclaiming My Faith, Honoring My Story

Midge Noble

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Born in the rural south in the late 1950's, Midge Noble was raised in a household with strict parents and fundamentalist religious beliefs. Attending parties or movies was not allowed. Her paternal grandfather, Paw Paw, a fire and brimstone Advent Christian preacher, believed the Bible was the literal word of God and condemned homosexuals to hell. As a teen, Noble felt a calling for missionary work but grew up with a conflicted view of God and the Church. She always felt that somehow she was different, but couldn't quite put her finger on why. In this frank and heartfelt memoir, Noble recounts her childhood years and her struggles as a young adult with her faith and true identity. Doubting herself and her choices, her inner turmoil manifested itself as bulimia and anorexia, and denial and harsh judgment of her feelings. She didn't come out to herself as gay until she was thirty years old. Noble's poignant journey to reclaim her Christian faith shows that a relationship with the God of your understanding is possible, no matter what you've been taught to the contrary. Honesty and learning to trust your inner guidance are critical for healthy emotional and social development. For anyone questioning how they can reconcile their faith and their sexual identity, Noble's inspiring book is a light to shine the way.

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